Monday, August 9, 2010

The beginning...

In August 2009, my husband and I made a life changing decision. We decided to move out of our 1200 sq. ft. home and move into a 31 ft. travel travel on my in-laws property. All I can say was the best decision we have ever made. We still own our home, however we are renting it out until the decision is made to move back in or sell it. My in-laws helped to make trailer life easier for us by adding full hook-ups. We have all of the amenities of a normal home, except a washer/dryer.

Our plan was to pay off as much debt as possible. Plus, we were in the market to purchase a travel trailer for some lake front property our family has. This was killing multiple birds with one stone for us.

After making this decision we found out I was pregnant!! We were so excited! We talked about possibly changing our plans, however, that didn't make any sense?!? We needed to pay off student loans, credit cards from college, and other various things in order to have a better life for our family. So, the decision was final.

We moved in mid-August and have been living there since. My husband, our 4 month old son, our 2 dogs and myself live in this (see picture). We plan to stay at least another year if not two years.

We have managed to turn this back room in to a wonderful nursery for our little boy. We are planning  to pull out the couch and make the room an actual bedroom so he has a place to play, free from the puppies.

We managed to get a hold of some old fencing used for various dog runs previously to create our own dog run. We cut out the left side of the bed and lifted up the outside storage door to allow our dogs easy access for fresh air and potty space.

We have been very fortunate to have this opportunity. We have managed to pay off ALL of our credit card debt, half the travel trailer and were able to afford the cost of having a beautiful baby boy, which meant six weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

People tend to look at us funny when we say we live in travel trailer, however, most of our friends love it. In just a short time we have made a huge dent in our college debt. I can't wait to see what we can do in another year or two.

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